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     Step into the enchanting world of Sleepyhead Storytelling, a creative space crafted by the imaginative mind of author Sophia Love Storey. Specializing in children's literature, coloring books, and journals, Sophia has carved out a niche where storytelling transcends traditional boundaries. What sets Sophia apart is not just the captivating narratives that she weaves but the heartfelt origin that inspired it all.

     The roots of Sophia's passion for creating stories can be traced back to Sophia's son, Justin, whose nightly ritual included eagerly awaiting the unique tales his mother conjured up. Sophia, spurred by the joy of sparking her son's imagination, began documenting these tales. Fast forward twenty-six years and the discovery of these cherished stories in an old journal ignited the inception of Sleepyhead Storytelling. This creative haven blends Sophia's passion for storytelling, her deep love for her son, and the timeless magic of childhood.

     Embarking on her literary journey with the captivating narrative of "The Bunny & The Butterfly" on December 4th, 2023, Sophia Love Storey opens the doors to the enchanting universe of Sleepyhead Storytelling. Complementing this delightful children's book are ten charming journals that beckon readers to delve deeper into the intricately woven tapestry of Sophia's imagination. Immerse yourself in the enchantment of her stories, where every page serves as a gateway to a realm of wonder, and each journal provides a canvas for personal exploration. Join the adventure into this magical space where childhoods come alive, and creativity knows no bounds.

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This book is a rare treat. I bought it to read for my 5 grandchildren. They were mesmerized by both the incredibly beautiful art as well as the story. These readings have already become a very special lifelong memory for them and for me.

Their parents (my children) were listening in and they loved it just as much as the little kids. How rare it is to have a book that is so transcendent that it touches 4 generations in the same way!

They should not call it a book. It truly is a "special memory maker"


Sophia Love Storey is a multi-talented artist and author who has certainly found her destiny as a creator of inspirational children’s books! She is a skillful and inspiring storyteller and a truly talented illustrator. Her personal journey of transformation has made her a genuine heroine and who better to inspire us and our children to live our dreams. A brilliant first book! I can’t wait for more!

-Hulali Aloha

 I will start with how soft and beautifully velvet feeling this cover is with soft characters on the cover.
From page 1 you are greeted with a wonderful dedication to the kiddos!

The story is told in Rhyme, and the bunny and caterpillar-turned-butterfly are just too adorable!!! I hope to see these as stuffed animals at some point!

The story is wonderful and will inspire kids to overcome fears and change in a loving way.

Super happy with this purchase!!!


This book “The Bunny & The Butterfly”, exceeded my hopes and expectations for a children’s book that I can give as gifts. ~ The artwork is fabulous, and the poetically written story reveals one of life’s great mysteries as it also portrays the sweetness of deep friendship and love. ~ I am highly recommending it to everyone… and am excited to know what Sophia Love Storey will be bringing us next!


The story of Bellie and Cotton is so heartwarming and the illustrations are so delightful. I love that Cotton and Bellie break the mold…they aren’t your typical bunny and caterpillar. Bellie with her big ears and shaggy coat, and Cotton with his adorable plus-sized body. Their differences make them even more lovable.

I got this book as a gift for my niece but after seeing and reading it I plan to gift this to every child I know.


So Adorable!

This book is so adorable and uplifting! The images are beautiful and I love the feel of the cover. The story itself is so charming. I ordered twice so I could have a bunch to give all my friends with kids!


I just loved this sweet story of transformation. The artwork is a delight and the story is heartwarming and charming. I’m
Ordering another copy so my grandson can have a copy here and at home!!!!


I love the uplifting story and it is visually colorful and bright. Great for kids and adults!


My daughter really loved this book, and carried it around with her all day after I read it to her! She keeps asking for another story with Bellie!


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Heartfelt Creations Crafted By: Sophia Love Storey
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