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Creating My Life-: A Story to Children's Authorship

Life has this uncanny way of weaving together experiences, doesn't it? Yesterday, during a heart-to-heart with my dear friend, she reminded me of the incredible journey I've been on for the past 30 years, and how all of it has prepared me for this exact moment in my life to transition into a children's author/illustrator. Having devoted almost three decades to owning and operating my own interior design company to briefly exploring the dynamic realm as a graphic artist, each career phase has made a lasting impact and given me the creative skill set to embark on this next chapter in my life.

In my years as an interior designer, I learned the art of composition, honing in on styles, and understanding the natural flow of spaces. In essence, my job was to create beauty, and I loved every minute of it!  As a freelance graphic designer. The hours I spent immersed in crafting visuals added another dimension to my skill set; where I got the opportunity to work on my art and create digital products. The synergy between my experiences as an interior designer and a graphic artist has been a fascinating journey wrapped up in the appreciation for how things fit together.

Now, as I embark on this new path as a children's author, I can't help but appreciate how each chapter of my journey has contributed to the skills and insights I'm bringing along into this next new phase...

Here's a glimpse of the logo I crafted for my website and new venture, Sleepyhead Storytelling. In this space, I'll be sharing not just my books but also a range of products designed to warm the hearts of little ones. Join me on this enchanting journey where creativity meets bedtime tales, and let's weave dreams together!


Heartfelt Creations Crafted By: Sophia Love Storey
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