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Sharing Her Heart: The Inspiring Journey of Sophia Love Storey in Sleepyhead Storytelling


Tonight, I crafted a nostaligic piece of art , a heartfelt token of gratitude for my wonderful grown son, Justin. This is a recreation of me reading to my son when he was just four years old.

Reflecting on the past, I recall the days when Justin, still a little boy, would eagerly request that I make up bedtime stories just for him. Those tales became more than just fleeting moments; they transformed into cherished favorites that I couldn't bear to let slip away. It was then, 26 years ago, that I started writing down these precious stories in a journal.

Early in 2023, while going through the pages of my old journals, I stumbled upon those stories that once brought joy to Justin's bedtime routine. Little did I know, this rediscovery would mark the start of my journey as a children's author. It was a revelation—a light bulb moment where I realized that all the love in my heart could be shared in the sweetest way with the little ones of the world.

As I embark on this new chapter, I can't help but feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the role of being Justin's mom. The memories of him at that tender age are more than recollections; they are precious gifts, treasures that I will hold close to my heart for all eternity. Each story, a testament to the love between a mother and her son, now takes on a life of its own, carrying the magic of those bedtime tales into the hearts of countless other little ones.


Heartfelt Creations Crafted By: Sophia Love Storey
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