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Sophia Love Storey's Dreams: From Journals to Children's Books with Sleepyhead Storytelling

Meet Sophia Love Storey:

The heart-centered creative force behind Sleepyhead Storytelling. Known for her captivating journals, Sophia has recently enchanted readers with her first children's book, "The Bunny & The Butterfly." This whimsical tale introduces us to the charming characters of Bellie the Bunny and Cotton the Butterfly as they embark on heartwarming adventures in their magical garden.

The Bunny & The Butterfly- A Tale Of Courage And Friendship:

In this enchanting story, Sophia Love Storey transports readers into a world where friendship and courage bloom like the vibrant flowers in the garden. "The Bunny & The Butterfly" is a timeless treasure for both children and adults, capturing the essence of childhood wonder.

What's Next:

Sophia has exciting plans for Sleepyhead Storytelling, promising a series of children's books that will continue the adventures of Bellie and Cotton. With new friends, fresh discoveries, and heartwarming tales, readers can anticipate a delightful journey into the imaginative world Sophia has crafted.

Coloring Books for All Ages:

Expanding the Sleepyhead Storytelling universe, Sophia is introducing a line of coloring books suitable for both children and adults. These intricately designed books offer a chance to bring the enchanting world of Bellie and Cotton to life through creative expression.


Join Sophia Love Storey on a magical journey with Sleepyhead Storytelling. From the pages of "The Bunny & The Butterfly" to the promise of more enchanting tales and coloring books, Sophia's storytelling prowess is creating a world of endless possibilities for readers of all ages. Dive into the charm and wonder, where dreams unfold with every turn of the page.


Heartfelt Creations Crafted By: Sophia Love Storey
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