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The Beauty Of Life Is Found On The Outskirts Of Comfort.

I've learned that life's beauty often unfolds outside my comfort zone. Embracing the challenges I’ve faced along the way has consistently led to the most rewarding experiences.

This brings me to the incredible path I've been on this year with an exciting project I've been pouring my heart into... I've been creating a line of children's books! My exploration into storytelling for little ones has grown my creativity and pushed me out of my comfort zone so many times.

With the final illustrations in the works, I'm filled with both excitement and anticipation to launch these sweet books! Soon, I'll be unveiling the first of these little treasures, a sweet book from my collection— titled "The Bunny & The Butterfly." I am enthusiastic to share my heart and imagination with young readers, as I deeply feel that the future of our world relies on nurturing our children with love, and I am eager to play a part in that journey.


Heartfelt Creations Crafted By: Sophia Love Storey
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